Loan Amounts

$75K - $2M

Loan To Value

up to 75%


7.00% - 12.00%

Origination Fees

2 to 4 points

Credit Score Required


Experience Required


Loan Terms


About Rehab Loan Group

Rehab Loan Group is a hard money lender headquartered in Riverside, CA. They lend in the state of California. They issue loans with loan amounts ranging from $75K to $2M, with a minimum LTV of up to 75%, with rates range between 7.00% and 12.00%. Origination fees for a hard money loan are 2 to 4 points. They primarily provide funding on Single Family, Multi Family, Apartment and Storage properties.


3585 Main Ave, Suite 208, Riverside, CA 92501

Loan Types
Hard MoneyFix & FlipCommercial Hard MoneyBridge

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