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With so many lenders out there, it can be hard to know where to start. FlipLender™ makes it easy to narrow the search by comparing your loan details to our nationwide database of private lenders & hard money lenders. We then further prioritize those matchs down to the top few best lenders and help put you in direct contact with them quickly & easily. All you have to do is decide which lender you feel best matches your individual needs. No more wondering if or where you will get funding for your deal. FlipLender™ makes it easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this site work ?

Real estate investors can submit the details of the loan they need using a quick form which takes only a minute to fill out. Based on their loan request, they will be matched to private lenders & put in contact with them.

How much does this cost ?

There is no charge for submitting a loan request or to get in contact with the private lenders.

Are the private lenders pre-screened ?

We pre-screen all the private lenders we refer leads to. However, you must fully vet the lender yourself as well to confirm they are truly a match for you to do business with.

How am I matched to lenders ?

FlipLender uses a unique yet simple algorithm to match your loan details to the lenders in our system. Then, those matched lenders are further filtered to give you the best matches.

How long does it take to be matched with lenders ?

You will be matched with multiple lenders immediately. Lenders could contact you back as soon as a few minutes or maybe within a couple hours depending on when you request comes in.

Does FlipLender assist with the loan process ?

FlipLender works to match you with the best possible private lenders only. We do not assist in the actual loan application or processing. You will do that directly with the private lender.