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FlipLender is the loan portal for with access to tens-of-thousands of users. We advertise across social media platforms, on podcasts, by opt-in email, at meetings & much more. Our audience is made up of experienced & enthusiastic real estate investors across the country. The FlipLender portal is designed to make sure the leads coming to you are high quality leads of investors ready to get funding for their real estate investing deal.

Lead Flow Is Easy To Manage

Personal Account Rep

You will have a personal account representative to quickly assist you anytime.

Targeted Lead Parameters

Leads can be targeted as specifically as you need based on such things as state or city location, loan type, loan amount, borrower's credit, borrower's experience & more.

Choose Your Schedule

Easily create a schedule so leads come to you when you are ready or have leads sent to you 24/7.

Set Your Budget

Be in control of your budget. Set limits on how many leads you purchase a day, week or even a month; or set your budget to unlimited so you never miss a lead.

Getting Set Up Is Easy

Submit Your Online Request

Simply click the button at the bottom of this page & fill out a quick form.

Discuss Your Needs With Your Account Rep

We'll discuss with you the parameters you wish to use for filtering leads & get your account setup in the system.

Start Receiving Leads

Receive targeted leads matching your lending criteria on a schedule which matches yours.


Frequently Asked Questions By Lenders

How much does it cost to get setup ?

There is no cost or obligation when getting setup or to begin reviewing leads.

How much does each lead cost ?

The cost of each lead varies on the type of lead it is (such as being for residential vs commercial), & the borrower's credit & experience. The price per leads start at just $10.

Is there a minimum spending requirement ?

There are no minimum spending requirements. In fact, you can set a daily, weekly or monthly spending budget or set an unlimited budget.

How do you match borrowers to me ?

We can match borrowers based on criteria you specify in regards to location, loan amount, type of deal (such as a fix & flip, rental or primary residence),type of loan (such as residential, commercial) the borrower's stated credit score, & the borrower's experience

How do I know when there is a match for my company ?

You can get notified immediately by email, text message or both.

Do you assist in the loan process ?

We do not assist in the actual loan application process. You will be responsible for contacting the borrower & handling all details of the application & closing.

When can I expect to start receiving leads ?

We can have you up & running receiving leads the same day in some cases once we receive your information & have a chance to verify your company.

Have more questions ?

We are here to answer any question you have. Just reach out to us by email at [email protected] or by submitting an application.